About Us


Emerstal Travel is a Group of enthusiastic travelers who enjoy sharing their travel experience with the whole wider world. Our team has traveled various locations and have complied a detailed guide across many pages to help advice travelers on their journey.

Our information includes background of the place, History and origins, How to reach the location by Air, Train and Road, Places to visit and their importance and finally a list of popular hotels in the area.

We have a exhaustive database of information on travel and continuously add more information as they happen and our team sees more and more location.

We are always ready to help fellow travelers make the best out of their traveling experience.


We had been traveling for more than a decade visiting various places in India. One of the things that we always felt needed was a proper guide to address the very basic information on how to reach, advise on local cuisine, customs and such and all of it in a language accessible to all the General Public. We approach the journey as a traveler who knows nothing of the place. We wish to help the traveler from that end. So to say we step into their shoes while writing our guides.


We have more than 500 pages of information covering all major as well as minor locations in India.

  • More than 500 Travel Guides across India
  • Downloadable Ebooks helping travelers go through in detail over each site.
  • Hotel Reviews and helpful feedback from actual customer of such hotels.
  • Links to various important online resources that will definitely aid in your travel.
  • Personalized Custom form from which our travel experts can get back to you 24/7.

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